No matter how well-maintained your car is or how careful you as a driver, there may be times when you get into an accident. By the very definition of an accident, it’s an incident that is neither expected nor intentional. Car accidents can be terrifying and traumatic for all the parties involved. Vehicular collision can also result in grave injuries to the people involved and damage to properties that can affect your financial situation and your way of living.

Hogan Injury’s Car Accident section aims to answer your questions regarding car accidents. We have picked questions and answers that are relevant to you as our customer and will ensure that you will find answers no matter the circumstances of the vehicular accident you were in, whether it’s a simple fender bender or a multiple car collision.

From the time when the accident occurred, determining liability, identifying which authorities to report an accident to, calculating for damages, steps in claiming car insurance, this section will guide you in whatever situation you are in.

Hogan Injury has a group of lawyers with expertise in the matters concerning car accidents. We will be able to provide you with legal services and advice that will help your case.

Most people recommend consulting a lawyer only if you suffered serious injuries. However, that’s not always a great idea. Generally, it would be difficult to process things on your own. And after a traumatic experience like a car accident, you will need all the help that you can get. Right after a car accident, it is best that you consult a lawyer first. Having a lawyer on your side before talking to your insurance company ensures that all your legal rights are protected. A lawyer can guide you through the.

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Finding the right car accident lawyer can be a challenge. Your relatives or friends can give you referrals but it is no assurance that the same lawyer is the best fit to handle your case. To find the best car accident lawyer, you really have to work for it. You need to talk to a lot of people. But of course, there are certain things that you need to look at. In choosing the best car accident lawyer, the following qualities should be your priority: 1. Local It is best.

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A lawyer can help you in lots of ways, but here are the top two reasons for me why you need professional legal help after an accident. A lawyer can ease and speed up the process of your injury claim. Say you’ve just been in an accident. You are injured. Traumatized. And swamped with paperwork for filing, from police reports to DMV forms and insurance claim papers. How can you effectively do all these things while recovering? How can you focus on getting better if you have to make calls.

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Yes, that is possible. Passengers have the right to ask for compensation if they’ve been hurt in a crash, and that’s applicable to both one-car and two-car accidents. If caught in a one-car accident and the driver is determined to be at fault, the passenger can file a claim with the driver’s insurance company. And because liability insurance is required here in California, the injured passenger is almost certain to receive financial compensation–unless the driver is uninsured or the insurance company invalidates the claim. If that happens, then the passenger.

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Hit and run accidents are common here in California, especially in Los Angeles. The first thing I’ll advise you to do is to recall everything that you can about the driver and his car. Try remembering the plate number, the model and make of the car, physical characteristics of the person behind the wheel, etc. If there are witnesses around, go talk to them and gather additional information that can help the police find the hit and run driver. When you feel that you’ve exhausted all sources of information including.

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The law provides us with sufficient time to file a claim, allowing the injured to get treated and to heal first before diving into the paperwork and processes involved in an auto accident claim. The state of California has set these time limits for the filing of claims after an auto accident: For property damage: 3 years For personal injury and wrongful death: 2 years This allowance provided by law, however, should not be taken for granted. Victims of auto accidents should start processing the claim as soon as they.

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It would be difficult to put a specific dollar amount as compensation for a whiplash injury. Every case is unique and there is no exact formula. The amount of compensation that you can expect to receive depends on your medical bills, lost wages, as well as the nature and extent of your injury. It is really important to document your treatment records, doctor bills, and other proof of economic damages. Insurance companies need proof for every dollar that they pay out. And a complete documentation of all your expenses will.

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