Making a left turn is usually of little concern to an experienced driver.

Following directions at a traffic light seems easy enough. It can get complicated when there are more than a couple of lanes.

Multiple Lanes, Multiple Decisions

Multiple lane roads often have more than one lane assigned for left or right turns at intersections. Some multiple lane intersections will have some middle lanes share straight ahead and left or right turns so that a driver can either go straight or take a left or right turn in a particular lane.

When approaching a traffic light, drivers must identify what is expected of them. Some intersections have multiple regulatory signs as well as traffic lights. Drivers unfamiliar with an intersection might have a lot of information to evaluate as they are choosing the proper lane. Directional arrows are often painted on the road to identify which lane to be in when arriving at the intersection.

Left Turn Hazards

Left turns can be particularly hazardous when there are two or more lanes identified for left turns. Normally, when taking a left turn at an intersection, a driver will be in the farthest lane on the left. They will complete the turn and remain in the farthest left lane. They will reassess what lane they need to be in based on the lane configuration of the new road and their travel plans.

Lane Confusion

Sometimes, in the process of turning, a driver will get confused or forget that there are multiple lanes turning left. The driver in the right lane of the two left turning lanes will drift into the farthest left lane while making the turn. This has the potential of causing a collision in the farthest left lane. A multi-car accident could become a head-on collision if traffic gets pushed into the oncoming lane.

Busy intersections can be dangerous places. Caution is needed to avoid accidents caused by any driver. Should you get into any accident, contact our experienced law firm. We are here to help.

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