People who’ve suffered injuries due to an animal attack can sue for damages. If the victim is not capable because he/she is a minor or lacks the mental capacity to do so, a parent or legal guardian can sue for him/her.

Note, however, that seeking damages is only possible if the animal that attacked you is owned. That is, there’s a person that’s directly responsible for the care and maintenance of the animal. Without an owner, there would be no one to sue.

Victims of dog or cat bites or other kinds of attacks reserve the right to seek monetary compensation for their injuries, pain, and suffering, especially because treatment of these types of injuries cost a lot. As a victim, you can get damages for:
– Hospital bills
– Doctors’ fees
– Therapy
– Cosmetic enhancement to cover the scar
– Lost wages
– Repair of property

A dog bite or animal attack falls under personal injury cases. As such, it goes through similar processes as any PI case. A victim of a dog or animal bite has up to two years after the day of the attack to file a lawsuit (statute of limitations). After that, the court can choose to neglect your claim. Once an attack happens, it’s urgent to speak with an attorney immediately for guidance and the swift processing of your claim.

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