Crashes that involve airplanes, buses, trains, subway, cable cars, and taxis are considered to be public transport accidents. The result of these crashes would comprise of injuries to a lot of passengers and can be dreadful.

If the public transportation you were in was involved in an accident, make sure you carry out the following;

1. Take photographs from different angles of the scene. Make sure to show property damage and personal injuries;

2. If there are people who witnessed the incident, see to it that you get their contact information, and;

3. Obtain a copy of the police report.

Most public transportation units, such as public buses, trains, and even school buses are considered as common carriers. Common carriers offer services to the public and were authorized by the government. Because of this, they are required to perform their job with the highest degree of care and ensure everyone’s safety.

Because public transportation is required to guarantee the public’s safety, it would be difficult to prove negligence. And because you are up against a higher entity; special state laws (commonly called as State Tort Claims Acts) apply to claims brought against them. For this reason, a time and notice deadline for filing claims are recognized; (1) six months or less deadline notification to the public transport company of the incident in writing, and; (2) deadline is cut short for filing a lawsuit against the public transportation company. That is why it is important to contact a personal injury lawyer after the accident.

The amount of claim that you may recover from these type of lawsuit is as low as $100,000 in some states. There are times that public transportation companies are not at fault, it may be the car driver or truck driver’s liability. If that is the case, you may file a third-party claim instead.

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