Here are the types or reimbursements you may be entitled to:

1. Reimbursement for Property Damage and Theft – Once your car insurance provider determines you weren’t at fault, the claims adjuster will begin evaluating property damage and theft reimbursement. Your documentation, along with the inspection of your vehicle, will help your claims adjuster determine compensation for your damages and loss. If you make repairs at any time during the claim, keep receipts and before-and-after pictures.

2. Diminished Value – Depending on the insurance company and your state, you might be covered for your vehicle’s diminished value. Overall, the idea is to make you whole by paying for your damages after a loss. The claims adjuster will determine the value of your car and how much it will cost to repair it. Don’t just accept the adjuster’s figures before talking to a qualified mechanic. A trained mechanic might see that it would cost more to fix your car.

3. Total Loss – Generally, car insurance companies label a vehicle a “total loss” when the cost to fix the vehicle to its pre-damaged state is more than the cost of the vehicle’s worth, or actual cash value (sometimes referred to as “fair market value”).

4. Reimbursement for Medical Costs – When you’re found to be NOT at fault, the other person’s car insurance policy pays for your medical costs; however, if the other person doesn’t have enough (or any) coverage—or the company refuses to pay—consider contacting a personal injury attorney.

5. Deductibles – Depending on your situation and your insurance company, you might have to pay your insurance deductible before you receive payment on your claim.

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