1. Get out of the roadway. Move out of the road as soon as possible to avoid further injury from the ongoing traffic in the way that may not see you injured. Bear this in your mind to avoid further accidents that can happen on the road and worsen the situation.

2. Check for injuries. The adrenaline rush that came up in your body during the accident might make your injury seem mild, but it can be much worse than what you felt it would be. To be sure, assess yourself by checking signs of injuries. If any injury is serious, immediately call for medical attention. Also, check for cracks in your helmet. If so, assume that you may have a concussion.

3. Call for help. Always call someone like a family member or a friend after an accident. Do this so someone could pick you up and help you decide the next steps you should do for you and your bike. For major accidents like a bike-car accident, call the police so they can immediately document both party’s involvement and know who is at fault and file an accident report; this will also help for insurance claims.

4. Consult a professional for you and your bike. Have yourself checked by your doctor by having X-rays and evaluations to make it sure that you don’t have injuries that are severe than what it looks physically. The same thing goes for your bike, have it checked by a professional. Have its frame and wheels checked to make sure that it will be safe to use in the future.

5. Document the event. Documenting the whole event will help with insurance claims. For instance, you had a bike-car accident, document the whole accident. Information such as the driver’s personal and insurance information, the car’s plate number and the witnesses’ names and contact number might help to claim your insurance after the accident. It is also a good idea to take photos of the injuries that occurred after the accident to act as proof.

6. Consult an attorney. A lawyer can help you deal with insurance companies and will guarantee that you will get what you are entitled to claim for your medical bills and repair for the damages on your bike.

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