Finding the right animal bite attorney to handle your case could become a frustrating and time-consuming ordeal. You don’t necessarily have to settle for the first lawyer you find. Take advantage of free initial consultations.

The initial consultation is the perfect opportunity for you and your potential lawyer to meet halfway. It also allows you to gain useful insights related to your situation. Although an initial consultation is free, make sure to use it wisely. Statute of limitations apply to animal bite cases so you don’t want to spend lots of time “interviewing” possible candidates.You may want to focus on the following topics:


An animal bite lawyer with a myriad of experience handling animal bite cases would most likely be able to help you arrive at a favorable settlement or court decision. It’s best to ask about this at the beginning of the consultation. Ask how many cases he’s handled that’s similar or somewhat similar to yours. How many cases has he resolved through settlement? How many animal bite cases has he won? Can he provide you with the necessary steps you need to take to pursue your case?

Previous Clients or Clients of Choice

Most attorneys typically work with a certain set of client profiles. Some have high-end clients, corporations, celebrities, officials, entrepreneurs. Others work with individuals with blue-collared jobs. While the rest work with the unemployed. It’s best to ask about which clients they usually represent. Having an idea can help you decide if you’d like to proceed to a lawyer-client relationship.

Case Management & Communication Style

Does he personally work on all of his cases? Does he assign it to legal aids? How frequent can he update you on your case? Do you feel comfortable sharing the details with him? These are basic things that matter. Maintaining an open communication with your legal counsel can help you come up wtih strategies that could strengthen your case.

Case Specifics

You didn’t just come for a meet-and-greet. Ask an animal bite attorney questions concerning your case. What do you need to do? Are the evidence you’ve gathered enough to support your claim? Can he help you solidify your case? Do you have any other options other than filing suit? Or something as simple as asking whether you have a case.

Fees and Expenses

Most lawyers charge on a contingency basis. This refers to an agreement that your attorney gets paid only when your case is won. Aside from the free initial consultation, it’s important to ask about possible fees and expenses that might be involved before you jump on board.

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