Evidence may be physical — such as photographs of physical damage and injuries — or non-physical, which includes testimony and police reports that give the jury or insurance company facts in your case.

1. Photographs of the Scene – Photos are perhaps the most reliable piece of evidence in your claim, and they can be used to document physical evidence of the accident.

2. Proof of Your Injuries – Your injury claim is based on liability — or who caused the accident — as well as your damages. Photos of your injuries are essential because they establish the extent of your damages.

3. Police Report – The police report is valuable evidence as the police officer may state who he or she believes was negligent in the accident. The police report may even indicate whether the other party was cited or arrested after the accident.

4. Witness Statements – After the accident, gather contact information from any witnesses who saw what happened. Follow up to get witness statements that can be used as evidence to show the other party was at fault.

5. Medical Records – Medical records are essential as they document the extent of your injuries and that your injuries are the result of your accident.

6. Daily Journal – Keep a journal documenting how your injuries affect you. Not only can this help you keep details of your case that could be forgotten otherwise, but it also paints a picture and shows just how much the accident affected your daily life.

7. Other Documents to Gather – There are other forms of evidence you can gather to help your attorney build your case:

a. Proof of missed work as lost wages will be part of your damages.

b. Personal notes. Give your attorney any personally written notes you made about the accident. It’s important to write down what you remember as soon as possible as details may be lost if you wait.

c. Medical bills. Keep your medical bills as you are entitled to compensation for the cost of medical treatment, hospital stays, prescription medication, medical devices, and more.

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