Injuries that stem from constant physical movements that may cause strain on your muscles and conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome are the usual example of workplace stress injuries. In unusual scenarios, work-related stress may result in an emotional injury. Here are some of on-the-job stress injuries:

1. Physical Stress Injuries – We have mentioned that a typical physical injury in the workplace is the carpal tunnel syndrome due to excessive use of your fingers, or a chronic back injury for lifting heavy weights, and also nerve damage for construction workers due to excessive use of a jackhammer. All of these injuries are a result of performing the usual activity over a period of time.
Under the workers’ compensation law, you may not be able to file a lawsuit against your employer easily. However, the workers’ compensation system does provide an option to injured employees. As per this system, the employee is permitted to a part of the average earnings while the employee is receiving treatment because of the injury and was not able to work. Generally, in order to collect these reimbursements, the employee must submit a timely incident report to the human resource department of the company and/or the insurance company of your employer; this is the beginning of your workers’ compensation claims process. Also, the employee will need to see a doctor to determine if the injury was caused by your tasks in the company. Another doctor assigned by the workers’ compensation insurer will need to assess your injury as well to determine if it was job-related. It is advisable to a lawyer at this time. As part of the workers’ compensation benefits, the employee will be receiving the following: weekly compensation benefits, permanent impairment benefits, payment of medical treatment, and vocational rehabilitation.

2. Emotional/Mental Stress Injuries – To prove your emotional or mental stress injury because of your work may be more complicated, that is why it is difficult to collect compensation for it. Workers’ compensation may differ per jurisdiction; some states do not allow claims for emotional stress. The reason for this is it is more challenging to establish that emotional distress arises from your job as compared to another part of life outside of work.

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