As a victim of a slip and fall accident, it is normal to encounter property owners who will attempt to deny responsibility for your accident. If you aim to file a case, expect attorneys and insurance people to attempt to repudiate responsibility. These are normal expectations. What you can do, is to seek legal assistance and follow the necessary steps to make your own claim.

In some cases, the property owner may have done the necessary precautions to make sure their premise is safe. It is a good idea to stop and ask yourself: If the property owner was more careful, could the accident have been avoided? This is one of the questions that would immediately tell you if you have a case or not, even without having contacted a lawyer first.

If a leaking roof leads to a slippery condition that can cause slip and fall accidents, but the property owner has provided a drainage grate on the floor as a solution, or a warning sign for slippery floors, then the property owner may not be responsible for your injuries. Property owners will not be liable for accidents that a reasonable person would have avoided such as tripping over something that would usually be found in that location. A person has a responsibility to be aware of their surroundings and make efforts to avoid danger. It would be hard to put the owner responsible if you miss a slippery sign that was obvious from your location if you happen to miss it and slipped. In these cases, expect an owner to deny responsibility, but also ask yourself if the owner did try to maintain a safe environment in his/her premise to the best of their ability.

On the other hand, property owners are obligated to take reasonable steps to maintain care of their premises and ensure that their property is free from dangerous conditions that would cause a person to slip and fall. Failure to do so could make the owner responsible for slip and fall accidents that would result. In cases where you have done your best to be careful but was still caught in an accident due to the hazards within the premises, then it would be best to seek legal assistance.a

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