In the event of an injury, accidental or intentional, it is better to know the “how to” when filing a case. Take note of these steps that may be the primary component for winning your case.

1. Write down everything that happened. Make sure to keep a record of what happens to you following the accident or actions you take, as well as phone calls, lost income, medical bills, repairs, and any other expenses or things that you missed out because of the injury.

2. Find out if an insurance policy covers your injury. Acquire an insurance policy that will assist you in figuring out if you can collect monetary damages from your lawsuit.

3. Collect evidence. Ensure that you take photos of your injuries, the place where the incident happened, and document any other damage or essential information. If possible, bring along a witness to support your case or use a camera that time-stamps all photos.

4. Get names and contact information of any witnesses. Scan your surroundings for possible witnesses, make sure you get their names and contact information, in case you need them to testify later.

5. Talk to an attorney. Do not be afraid to consult a lawyer; they typically work in contingency and may review your claim at no charge. Inquire with your local bar association’s website to find an attorney who has an expertise in the type of claim you have. Or better yet, ask your family or friends if they can refer someone. Find out the career record of your attorney; ask about your claim and the chance of winning the case. If you are dealing with big companies or an insurance company, which has their attorneys, make sure you ask your attorney about how to get a better deal.

As soon as you have completed the above items, you may now start filing your case. After filing your claim, take note of this additional information:

1. Notifying all possible defendants.

2. Attempt to settle your claim.

3. File a complaint with the appropriate court.

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