In California, thousands of fatal and non-fatal pedestrian accidents happen every year. To ensure safety and avoid collisions, both drivers and pedestrians have the responsibility to exercise due care. The following are some tips for drivers and pedestrians to stay safe on the road.

For Drivers

1. Be cautious and obey traffic laws
Observe your surroundings. Look for pedestrians that are going to cross in a crosswalk or at an intersection. Never slow roll on crosswalks and come to a complete stop instead. Practice caution and follow traffic rules at all times.

2. Give pedestrians time to walk across
Be patient. Give pedestrians ample time when they walk across the street. Be extra patient and give more time when disabled and elderly pedestrians are crossing. Try to make eye contact with pedestrians. This is to acknowledge them so that they will remain alert.

3. Don’t overtake a vehicle that stopped for pedestrians
If there are vehicles in front of you that stopped for crossing pedestrians, don’t overtake. More often than not, this kind of aggressive driving behavior results in collisions and accidents.

For Pedestrians

1. Make yourself visible to drivers
Before crossing a street, make sure that you are visible to oncoming vehicles. At night, it is best if you wear bright or light colored clothes. Only walk across areas and streets that are well-lit.

2. Be alert and avoid distractions
Don’t assume that drivers will stop when you cross the street. Eliminate distractions like using mobile phones while walking. If you are using headphones, kindly remove it before crossing so that you can hear the oncoming traffic.

3. Follow traffic rules and be careful
Never jaywalk. Use designated crosswalks or cross on proper intersections at all times. Before crossing, look both ways to see if it is safe. Follow traffic signs like walk or don’t walk signals. If the street has multiple lanes, make sure that every lane is visibly clear before walking across.

Maintaining safety on the road requires the commitment of both drivers and pedestrians. As long as drivers and pedestrians are committed to being responsible, there will be fewer accidents and injuries on the road.

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