A “no win, no fee” applies to personal injury lawyers which means that they work on a contingency fee basis.

It is common for personal injury lawyers to charge a contingency fee. There is no need to pay the lawyer upfront. In this type of arrangement, lawyer’s fee will be taken away from the final settlement of the case. Other expenses spent by the lawyers may also be included. Although, some state statutes control the lawyer’s take as a contingency fee. The typical percentage for contingency fees range from 33 and 40%. However, you may also try to negotiate to reduce the price or come up with an alternative agreement.

Shifting fee limits are provided to most states, which will depend on the stage of your case. Your lawyer will send a demand letter to the offender, person or business, which explains the injuries you have sustained and your demand amount for compensation. If what you have presented is good, the offender will typically send a counteroffer, and there will be negotiations, this happens before filing a lawsuit in court. If you decide to settle instead of filing a lawsuit, your lawyer cannot receive more than 33% of the amount agreed. It would be a different scenario if the settlement happened after filing the lawsuit. If that is the case, your lawyer is permitted to gain a higher amount, which is usually 40% of the settlement amount.

Other costs and expenses that may be charged or deducted by your lawyer when your case has been settled may include; medical records, police reports, expert witness fees, postage, filing fees, investigators, depositions, and trial exhibits. It is also a practice that settlement checks will be sent to your lawyer, this is to ensure that he or she gets paid. Your lawyer will inform you the moment they have the check and will tell you the amount to be deducted, lawyer’s fee and other expenses.

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