The typical personal injury case includes automobile accidents; a negligence claim may be appropriate if you are injured by someone who failed to implement safety when driving. Being injured by somebody due to carelessness may get back your losses, says so by the personal injury law.

The amount of compensation for a serious injury will depend on the amount of damages you have incurred due to the accident. These damages may be your expenses from medical bills and lost wages and may also be applied to future losses. On top of this compensation, you may also collect payment for any physical disfigurement or disability.

Here is a more thorough explanation of the damages that you may able to claim for compensation:

Disfigurement – If the person sustained a deformed or disfigured injury, mental suffering may be used as a reason to collect damages. This type of damages may also be referred to as mental anguish.

Future Medical Expenses – The plaintiff may use this if he/she was able to prove that continuous treatment is necessary. The jury will decide on the estimate of cost based on the proof submitted by the plaintiff.

Household Services – This is the expense of hiring someone to do things in your house while the plaintiff recovers from his or her injury. These may sometimes be included in the medical expenses.

Loss of Consortium – This applies to married couples, it is the uninjured spouse who makes the claim. They may claim for the loss of benefits in their married life.

Loss of Enjoyment of Life – When the plaintiff lost the ability to enjoy his or her daily pleasures of life.

Loss of Society and Companionship – These represent the loss of harmonious relationship between the plaintiff, and the decedent lived.

Lost Earning Capacity – Claims for future earnings lost.

Lost Wages – Claims for present wages lost from the time of the injury to the settlement date.

Medical Expenses – A plaintiff may claim for the medical expenses paid when recuperating from injury.

Mental Anguish – Mental suffering related to the accident or injury.

Pain and Suffering – Refers to the plaintiff’s future pain.

Permanent Disability – This is proven by medical testimony.

Special Damages – General type of damages that contains all medical losses.

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