There are times when your injury case will not need the assistance of a lawyer but in more severe cases, getting a lawyer is always a good step. Unlike a car accident where it is usually obvious who is at fault, it is often difficult to determine and prove who is at fault in a slip and fall case and getting an attorney will help your case. An attorney, especially experienced in slip and fall cases, will be well versed with the law, will have experience in winning cases similar to yours, and will be able to determine how much your case is worth.

Keep in mind the other party may have insurers and attorneys paid to fight your claim as well. Your claim will not go far without being hindered especially if you do not have legal representation. A lawyer will be able to help you prove the defendant’s liability in the accident. Your lawyer will often review the accident with you to get the necessary details to build a case. He or she will know what to look out for and what evidence you will need. A lawyer will ask for details of the accident, how it happened and, what were the conditions that contributed to your fall. Most importantly, he or she will be able to figure out how to charge the defendant with the responsibility of your slip and fall.

A lawyer will be able to help you gather all the necessary documents and proof of damages that will need to be covered. Your lawyer will help you get documentation for lost wages such as employer’s pay records, tax forms, and tax returns. Your lawyer will also help you get your medical records and bills. While you are entitled to get copies of these documents, they can still be difficult to get because hospitals are often busy with other priorities. Most personal injury lawyers will have connections working for them whose job will be to help you get these documents. In cases where your medical records do present legally sufficient proof that your injuries were caused by the accident, you may need your doctor to write a medical report or letter that explicitly states the relationship of your accident to your injuries. Your lawyer will be able to help with that. Additionally, your lawyer can also help review and get documentation for your pain and suffering which will be adequately presented to the insurer. All these steps will help you determine how much your case is worth.

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