There are different types of injuries that you can sustain from a motorcycle accident. Although some injuries are obvious, some serious injuries may have delayed symptoms. There is a possibility that delayed symptoms will appear days or even months after a motorcycle accident.

Traumatic brain injury, concussion, blood clot, and whiplash are some of the injuries that may not be diagnosed in the initial medical check-up immediately after the accident. If you are experiencing dizziness, headache, or blurring vision, it is best to get checked by your doctor for these injuries.

Any numbness in the arms or hands may be associated with whiplash, neck injuries, or spinal cord injuries. Numbness or any tingling in the back may mean you have pinched nerves. Back pain, mainly lower back pain, is a common delayed symptom that is usually overlooked. Being involved in a motorcycle accident can cause muscle and ligament injuries, herniated disk, and nerve injury.

Undetected internal injuries are life-threatening. Serious internal injuries may be indicated by abdominal pain, swelling, bruising combined with dizziness, loss of coordination, and fainting.

Not all serious injuries are physical. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is common after experiencing a motorcycle accident, or an accident.

If you were involved in a motorcycle accident and you experience any of these symptoms, it is ideal to seek medical attention immediately, then again after a reasonable amount of time as a precaution for any delayed symptoms. Make sure that you document the fact that you waited for a second check-up, and have a record of all the findings. Do not sign any claim or release form from the other driver’s insurance company until you have been completely cleared by a medical professional regarding your injuries.

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