Many slip and fall accidents happen when someone is alone. If you were on your own when you fell, that does not mean that you cannot file a civil case.

Aside from a security footage of the incident and your testimony, you can call on witnesses to testify on your behalf. Someone who did not see the accident but was able to observe the unsafe conditions leading to the accident.

For example, you slipped on a broken staircase in your apartment building. Although no one saw it happen, someone saw the dangerous setting beforehand.

Another possible witness could be a medical professional. Your treating physician can elaborate on the injuries you sustained along with how they affect and have affected your way of life.

Ultimately, many personal injury attorneys use expert testimony to:

– Establish industry standards of care, to prove that your slip and fall was preventable.
– The dangerous condition that caused your accident was out of line with the reasonable care exercised by the defendant.

In summary, witness testimonies and other evidence aren’t necessary but will help your case during the trial.

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