You have the right to file charges against a zoo, but different liability rules may apply to a privately-owned versus a government-owned zoo depending on which state.

In California, for instance, persons who own wilds animal are strictly liable for any harm caused by the animal. This means that a person who was attacked by a wild animal may receive compensation without having to prove that the owner had committed negligence that resulted in the animal attack. This strict liability rule also applies in privately owned zoos, so the zoo owner can be held liable for the injury caused by the wild animal.

Conversely, the strict liability standard does not apply to government-owned zoos under California state law. This is because the government entities that own and manage the zoos are performing a government function, hence, are protected by California immunity laws against strict liability rule. This does not mean that you cannot sue government-owned zoos if you were attacked by an animal there. They may still be held liable if dangerous or defective but preventable conditions in the zoo resulted in your injury. For instance, if the zoo administrators failed to notice and replace a defective electric fence that caused a wild animal to escape and harm visitors, the victims may file a claim against the government-owned zoo.

If you were attacked by a wild animal during your visit in a zoo, seek help from an experienced zoo liability attorney who will ensure that you get the fair compensation you deserve.

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