Sometimes it is easy to minimize symptoms when you are sick, but recently, getting checked out has become of more importance. You are starting to feel ill; Your throat hurts, have a cough starting, and your temperature is starting to rise.  Deciding to head to the hospital could save your life, but will you make it there?

So, what is the risk?

Driving with a cold or flu-like symptoms can be a real distractions.  Blurred vision, accompanied with sneezing and coughing while driving can affect your sight while on the road. It can also take a toll on your senses, and slow down your reaction time. It may also lower your inhibitions to make hasty mistakes in order to make it there at all costs. Taking over-the-counter medications will definitely have an effect on your ability to fully operate a vehicle, and can rise the probability of making a last second mistake.

Can you be held negligible?

To you, it is just a cold, but your illness can cause a serious accident, and could potentially hurt someone else.  Driving while sick can even be compared to driving under the influence.  If found on any type of medications that can impair your ability to drive, not only could it cause an accident, but could result in an arrest. Driving after taking cold and flu medication can result in loss of a license, changing your circumstances in a flash moment that you never expected.

What can I do if I am sick?

Don’t be held as the responsible party of an accident if you are too sick to safely drive.  It is less of a risk for all to receive a ride if you are feeling under the weather. If able, contact a physician or hospital to see if emergency transit may be needed by way of a a paramedic/ambulance.

If you have been involved in an accident with an ill participant, Hogan Injury can be there for help.  Let them guide you through the possibility of a negligence claim.

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