When you’re caught in a crash, you may feel depressed afterwards. You may feel demotivated and spend all your time watching TV and reading light books. But even though it’s not a very good idea to be very mobile if you have broken bones, you can still make an effort to keep your spirits up after a crash. Here are some tips:

  1. Keep Exercising: You may have a broken bone which means that you can’t move that part of the body. But that doesn’t mean that you have to stop exercising altogether. You can still exercise other parts of your body. If you look on YouTube, you can find light cardio exercises that focus only on your upper body or only on your lower body. So depending on which part of your body you hurt in the crash, you can still work on the other parts. You can also get weights, either for your upper body (dumbbells) or for your lower body (ankle weights) and continue to work the limbs which have not been hurt.
  2. Movies/TV/Books: You may find that you spend a lot of time reading or watching TV. In such cases, you can try to read/watch educational and uplifting things. Don’t get caught up watching soap operas. They are addictive but eventually, you don’t get anything out of them. Try to watch something more substantial. Still, this is not the time to be watching very serious movies or reading very serious books which leave you feeling depressed. Try to keep your movie/book choices more upbeat as this will help you to stay cheerful despite your injuries.
  3. Projects: Why not take up a hobby which will help you to pass your time in a constructive way? Maybe you could make some collages; they don’t require you to move around too much. You could even sketch, write a novel, knit a scarf etc. Just think back to the things that you have always liked doing but never had much time to do. Now, you have all the time in the world. So make use of it.

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