Loss of a Loved One Due to a Mistake

Losing a family member can be tough. Especially when it’s an accident: something nobody expects. Even worse, however, is when the accidental death is caused by someone else’s misdeeds. Getting in a person’s way and causing them a mortal injury, going the wrong way down the freeway and hitting someone because the driver is intoxicated, whatever the case may be, it will affect both parties for life. One must deal with losing a sibling, relative, significant other, or whomever that person was to them. The other must deal with being responsible for taking a human life. Both parties must be able to show proof that this was an accident, and how to proceed from there on out. This should be done to assure both sides make the responsible next moves.

Steps Necessary to Ensure a Claim

The first step both sides must take is to ensure the damaged party actually passed away. This could be done by the victim’s side filing for a death certificate. Once the proof of death is presented, the claim may begin. To proceed, there should also be proof that it actually was an accident and rule out any other causes. This could be achieved by notifying any bystander that could have been there, checking the surrounding area for more information, and/or obtaining any video or audio recording of the incident. The last step both sides should do is to lawyer up. Having someone reiterate your point is more than enough in most cases. Also, lawyers can tell you the best course of action, how to proceed with the situation, and what charges to file.

Accidental deaths can be tough on both the person who caused it and the victim’s loved ones. Which is why you should consider Hogan Injury and our team to help during these difficult times. Contact us for more information and to schedule a consultation today!

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