Weather can change suddenly. Fog can appear almost out of nowhere creating a wall of zero visibility. This event can be frightening and very dangerous.

Dangers of Driving in Fog

A driver could come up on another vehicle suddenly and not have time to stop. Visibility in fog can be as close as a few feet in front of the vehicle. Driving off of the road is another possibility. It can be difficult to know where the road is when driving in these conditions.

What Should a Driver Do When Faced with Dense Fog?

Pulling over and waiting for the fog to clear or improved visibility is a good choice. Many drivers can’t wait. It could be minutes or hours for fog to clear.

Following another vehicle from a safe distance might be helpful. It’s important to stay far enough away so that you can stop quickly if the car in front were to stop suddenly. Follow just close enough that you can see their taillights.

Drive very slowly. It may be necessary to drive only a couple of miles an hour.

Lighting the Way

Don’t use high beams

High beam headlights make the situation worse because the light reflects off of the fog and points the light back at the driver, blinding them.

Regular Headlights

Regular beam lights are the safest. Don’t drive with no lights on in fog. It is important to make sure your tail lights are also illuminated so you are visible to other drivers.

Fog lights

Drivers should, at a minimum, use regular headlights when driving in low visibility conditions. Fog lights are a helpful option but not required. Fog hovers just above the road. These lights are installed in or just below the front bumper. They are designed to point towards the road illuminate it as the light bounces off the bottom of the fog. They can also be seen by oncoming traffic.

Follow the Fog Lines

Many roads have a white line painted on the right marking the edge of the road. The white lines are called fog lines. These are designed to be seen under foggy conditions. Following these lines helps to keep you from running off the road.

Following the fog line also prevents the driver from driving too close to the middle of the road, risking a head on collision.

Drive safely and be prepared for changing weather conditions when traveling. Contact our experienced law firm if you are involved in any motor vehicle accident.

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