The overcorrection car crash happens when the driver turns the steering wheel too hard and causes the car to lose control. At very slow speeds, the problem is nonexistent. However at highway speeds, a car has less tolerance for hard turns. Trying to force a hard turn will cause the car to either spin out, rollover, or otherwise veer out of control.

There are many situations where this type of crash occurs. For example, motorists often get into bad accidents when swerving to avoid a deer. They instinctively yank the steering wheel hard which causes the car to veer off the road. When driving at higher speeds, you must make your turns smoothly or not at all because there is no option for hard turns.

How to Recover from the Overcorrection Car Crash

A common scenario for fatigued or distracted drivers happens when the right wheels go off the right side of the road. This startles the driver into jerking the steering wheel to the left to quickly get back on the road. This often causes the vehicle the veer into the left lane striking oncoming traffic or going off the left side of the road.

Use this procedure to safely get your right wheels back on the road:

  • Firmly hold the steering wheel straight. If the ground or shoulder is soft, your car will pull to the right. Resist this by firmly holding on to the steering wheel while driving straight. Do not attempt to steer to the left.
  • Let up on the accelerator. Ease up on the gas and take your foot off the accelerator. Continue going straight while your car slows down. If necessary, you can gently apply some braking.
  • Ease back on to the road. Allow the car to slow down until you can ease your right wheels gently back on the pavement. If the edge is too high, continue slowing until you stop. Then pull on to the road.

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