Motor vehicles and aircraft do not usually collide.

There are rare but unfortunate circumstances when they do. The outcome of these events can range from a close call to catastrophic. These are not common events, but they do occur. When they do happen, those involved are faced with dealing with multiple investigative agencies and insurance carriers. Having an experienced law firm to help is highly recommended.

Flying is Safe and Emergencies are Rare

Thousands of planes travel around the world every day without incident. Statistics suggest that it is safer to fly in a plane than drive in a car.

On occasion, planes of all sizes run into a problem in the air, and they must make an emergency landing. Usually, there is an airport nearby and the pilot is able to make an emergency landing there and most of us would never hear about it.

Emergency Highway Landings Can be Deadly

There are other times when a pilot must land somewhere else. Sometimes, the best option for them is a nearby highway.

When a pilot decides to land on a highway, there may not be time to close it to traffic and warn the drivers traveling on the roadway.

When a plane lands on a highway, it can be a happy and safe landing without incident, or it could be a horrible disaster if the plane strikes cars whose drivers are caught off guard with nowhere to go.

Other Structures in the Way

Concerns about the plane striking cars on the highway is not the only concern. Highways are built for motor vehicles and not planes with any wingspan. There are numerous obstacles around many highways that have the potential of adding more danger to the situation.

Cars are sometimes struck by debris on the road that the plane strikes, such as trees and light poles on the sides of the highway. Telephone poles carrying live electricity, telephone, and cable can cause additional hazards including creating a tangled mess.

Not Always a Happy Landing

A highway landing of an airplane is not always a feel-good story about a plane finding an alternate landing site. It can be a serious deadly and costly accident.

Contact our law firm if you are involved in any complex accident such as this one. We are available to help work through the multiple issues involved.

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