It’s easy to remember what to do when you’re not the one who’s caught in a motorcycle accident. But when you’re actually in the middle of one, you might forget everything that you are supposed to do. At that time, you are in a lot of pain, and you may not have the presence of mind to react correctly. So if you want to make sure that you take the right steps, it’s a good idea to remind yourself what those steps are from time to time.

Are You Injured?

First of all, you need to figure out if you are injured and where you are injured. You should be able to tell by moving your limbs a little bit but not too much. If you feel the pain radiating due to movement in any one limb then you can assume that that’s where you have been hurt. So it’s important to move that limb very carefully and not put too much pressure on it. If you do so, then you are likely to injure yourself even more.

Calling 911

If your accident takes place in a populated area, then you know that someone or the other is going to call 911. However, if the accident doesn’t take place in a populated area and it’s only you and the other person who are present at the scene, then you’ll need to call 911 yourself.

If you are near a burning vehicle, then you can take the time to move away from it first. But it’s also a good idea to make sure that you have your phone with you as you do so. And as soon as you think you are a safe distance away, make that call. Keep in mind that explosions might be common in movies but they’re not so common in real life. So as long as you’re a decent distance away, you should be safe enough to call for help.

Helping Others

Another thing you might want to do when you’re in a motorcycle accident is to try and help the other person who is involved. First, of course, you should help yourself. But if you are able to move freely, you can also try to help the other person check whether they have any broken bones. And you can help them to move a safe distance away from a burning vehicle.

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