Handling A Car Accident With Your Classic Car

August 4th, 2016 by Patrick Hogan

Car accidents are stressful enough. Car accidents in a classic vehicle can feel twice as bad. Drivers of classic cars tend to be more careful on the road, but in reality it makes little difference. There’s always the chance of a collision with a careless driver or other unavoidable circumstances.

But a crash with your classic car doesn’t have to ruin your day. Following a few basic steps will get you back on the road in no time.

Classic Car Insurance

Your classic ride needs different insurance than your daily driver, since there’s a different set of rules when insuring a classic vehicle. So before you take yours out for a drive, make sure it’s well covered. It’s likely worth more than its listed blue book value, so proper coverage is a must should an accident occur.

Start Repairs ASAP

The classics can be time consuming and expensive to fix, so you want to begin as soon as you possibly can. Much of that time is spent locating replacement parts, and the longer you wait, the tougher they will be to find. Also, delaying repairs may create conditions for rust to form. This will just cost more time and money, so store the vehicle in a dry protected place if you can’t get it fixed right away.

See a Specialist

Repair of classic cars often requires special knowledge. For this reason, it’s recommended to take your car to a professional. You may be tempted to fix it yourself, but the original estimate could have missed hidden issues created by the accident. You want someone with a trained eye checking under the hood.

If you’ve been in the car accident and are seeking legal counsel, contact our car accident attorneys at Hogan Injury.

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