If you’ve been caught in a truck accident, you may not be in your senses immediately afterwards. It’s quite normal to feel disoriented and even to experience some memory loss immediately afterwards. If you’ve received a traumatic brain injury, then you’ll require immediate medical assistance. But if you’re just suffering from a concussion, then the doctor will most likely place you under observation for a day or two before letting you go.

Getting Medical Assistance After a Truck Accident

Remember that it’s important for you to consult a doctor and follow their instructions rather than just getting up and walking away from the truck accident. You may not feel that you have been hurt, but you need a full medical examination to confirm this fact. Once you’ve had yourself checked out by a medic or a doctor, be sure to follow their instructions with regard to what you should do next. It’s best to get as much rest as you can before returning to work or else you might end up worsening your injuries.

Filing Insurance Paperwork with Bills and Prescriptions

During this time when you are busy taking care of your health, it might be difficult for you to take care of the insurance paperwork as well. The insurance company will want to confirm that you have, in fact, been in an accident and are receiving medical assistance. They’ll need paperwork and documents from you to this effect, so you need to make sure that you save all your bills, prescriptions etc.

Do You Really Need to Have an Insurance Lawyer?

If you find that the insurance paperwork seems confusing, you can also hire a lawyer who will make sure that you get the money owed to you for a reasonable fee. Some people are reluctant to pay a lawyer for something that they can do on their own, but having a lawyer will ensure that the insurance company pays you back for everything that they owe you. And keep in mind that the insurance company will have their own lawyers as well, so it will be helpful to you to have one who is working on your behalf.

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