Trucks can cause accidents in a variety of ways. However, one common element in many of them is negligence on the part of the driver. Negligence endangers others when someone fails to act as a prudent person would in a specific set of circumstances. Here are four concrete examples of negligent truck driving:

Distracted Driving

Texting and cell phone use are just two of many ways that the truck driver and take his mind off his driving or his eyes off the road. While some types of trucker distraction are against the law such as texting and using hand-held cell phones, others are not, yet are also dangerous. These include hands free cell phones and thinking about non-driving things.

Poor Tire Maintenance

Failing to maintain proper tire inflation pressures, using worn out tires, and failing to check tire condition during pre-trip inspections can cause tire blowouts. These events may cause the truck to lose control, make unexpected movements endangering other traffic, or eject tire fragments at vehicles following the truck. Poor tire maintenance also degrades the truck’s handling, and increases its risk of getting into a truck accident.

Improper Loading

Poorly balanced loads in a closed trailer can make a semi truck more prone to rollover accidents. The load may either cause top-heaviness or be offset too far from the center of the trailer. Unstable positioning of loads can cause them to shift in transport and cause the truck to lose control or make dangerous corrective maneuvers. Improperly secured loads on open flatbed trucks can fall onto the highway and endanger traffic.

Improper Lane Changes

One rule of safe trucking is minimizing lane changes. The big trailers pulled by tractors prevent the driver from seeing large areas of the road beside and behind her rig. This makes lane changing a dangerous maneuver requiring a great deal of skill and caution. Negligent drivers may make sudden lane changes without regard to possible traffic occupying their blind spots.

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