The best way to deal with emergencies is through prevention and preparedness. Emergencies do happen on motorcycle rides.

Be Prepared for Medical Emergencies

Carry a collection of bandages, nitrile gloves, and any needed medications in a waterproof container. First aid kits are commercially available for motorcyclists.

Don’t Run Out of Gas

Motorcyclists should know how many miles they get on a tank of gas. When riding in a group, find out who has the smallest tank and gauge fill-ups by the needs of that rider.

Changing Weather Conditions Can Create Problems

Weather can rapidly develop into an emergency for a motorcyclist. Individual riders should make sure they have rain gear, even if rain is not in the forecast. Changes in temperature can turn an exhilarating ride into misery. Dressing in layers prevents regret. Air temperature runs about ten degrees cooler when riding.

Tire Pressure Fix

Portable air pumps are available that have rechargeable lithium batteries. It’s become easy to check tire air pressure and add air if needed.

Prevent Dehydration

Water is an important item to carry on a bike. Enjoying the ride in the sun and wind uses a lot of energy. It is easy to get dehydrated. Carry enough bottles of water for the entire trip or have a designated store to pickup more along the route.

Keep an Eye on the Cargo

Sometimes items that are strapped down on the motorcycle shift around and are not as secure as when the trip started. Keeping extra strapping on the bike prevents unsecured cargo.

Breaking Down on a Motorcycle

A rider could break down and need their bike towed. This could occur on any ride. Motorcyclists should know before riding what to do and who to call if they break down. Membership organizations for motorcyclists often offer roadside serve as a benefit.

Riding with Others

Motorcyclists going on a group ride benefit by talking to each other before the ride. It’s not usually necessary for every rider to carry emergency equipment for every possible circumstance. Deciding who will carry different types of emergency equipment could lighten the load and make a group rider safer and more enjoyable.

Enjoy the ride and ride safe. If you run into trouble on the road and you need an attorney, we are here to help.

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