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Electric cars have become popular in the recent years. Since the Tesla Roadster was launched in the market in 2008, the cumulative electric car sales have gone up to a million this year.

The invention of the electric car dates back to 1890 when William Morrison successfully came up with one that could run up to 14 miles per hour and hold a maximum of six people. However, when Henry Ford developed an automobile that could be mass-produced and be afforded by middle-class Americans, the electric car took the backseat and eventually disappeared in the market. It was only when oil prices significantly rose in the 1960s and 1970s that research and development of electric cars resumed.

Considering the environmental problems the world has been battling for ages, an alternative to the gas-powered car has long been overdue.  An electric vehicle has no exhaust emissions as they run on clean energy source. Choosing an electric car over a fuel-based car contributes to a healthy and green climate.

Aside from its eco-friendliness, here are some of the other benefits of driving an electric car:

  • You can save a lot. An American spends $2000 to 4000 on gas each year, and while electricity is not free, it is far cheaper than the price of fuel. A gas mileage calculator can help you gauge your potential savings.
  • You do not contribute much to noise pollution. Electric cars are much quieter. They enable you to have a smooth drive with higher acceleration over long distances without making so much noise as fuel-powered vehicles.
  • You will soon have a lot of choices. The electric vehicle is growing in popularity and soon enough, every car brand will have its own line of electric cars.
  • You do not need to worry too much about maintenance. An all-electric vehicle requires little maintenance since there is no expensive engine work, there are fewer parts to work with, and there are renewable resources and innovative solutions used to save energy and lengthen the life of the car.

Electric Car Maintenance

Some might think that maintaining an electric car will cost you more than a fuel-run vehicle does, but it is actually not the case. A combustion engine has hundreds of parts to work with, while an electric car only has half a dozen; and these parts are also easier to replace and do not wear out easily. Driving an electric car means no more oil change service, spark plug replacement, or emissions check.

Finding someone to service and maintain your car can be a challenge initially since electric cars are not as common as their combustion engine counterparts. You might have to give your local auto repair garage some time to learn about electric cars and avail of your in-house car services in the meantime.

The car battery of an electric car is just like a phone battery in the sense that it will wear down over time, so you have to be prepared to spend money for replacement as this is the most expensive maintenance you will have. The car battery, however, do not lose capacity as fast as any other electric consumer device. Most manufacturers offer 8-year or 100,000-mile warranties for batteries.

In case of a car accident, insurance coverage for an electric car works just like insurance that covers a fuel or gas run vehicle. This means options such as liability coverage, comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, personal injury protection, and medical payments coverage will also be available.

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