Motorcyclists like to ride on sunny days.  Many riders will ride on any day regardless of weather but most do prefer a sunny day over a day with torrential downpours.

Some areas are experiencing significant drought.  At first, a drought sounds compelling for motorcyclists to shout “more riding days!”  Long periods of no rain is exciting to many riders.  Too many days of no rain can also begin to degrade the very roads motorcyclists find so enticing.

Oil collects on the surface of an asphalt roadway.  The collection of oil originates from vehicles leaking even small amounts of fluid while stopped.  It is also caused by tires leaving a residue from the rubber.  This creates a slippery surface.  The oil is often invisible to the rider but is evident when their tires slip when trying to stop.

Oil especially collects at controlled intersections.  This is a problem when the rider puts their feet down. It can be difficult to find a spot where their feet don’t slide which can be problematic making it challenging to keep the bike upright.  The rider also has difficulty preparing to take off again.  The tires can also slide while stopped leaving nothing for the rider to grab any traction on.

Rain can be friend or foe to motorcyclists.  Oil and water do not mix.  Once oil collects on the road, it takes a few rainy days for it to wash away.  Rain, after a period of dry weather, is still dangerous. Rain on an asphalt surface can lead to hydroplaning for any vehicle.  This can be especially hazardous for the motorcyclist.

Motorcyclists cannot be complacent with their safety during periods of drought and need to be extra careful once it rains again.  Accidents are possible when least expected.

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