Driver Habits That Cause Car Accidents With Pedestrians


No one questions the fact that car accidents involving other cars are serious affairs. Although property damage to another car means an increase in one’s insurance premiums, injuries or fatalities can result in more serious consequences such as civil or possibly criminal litigation. In the case of a car accident involving a pedestrian, a serious injury or a fatality is highly probable.

Most drivers fail to fully appreciate that they’re only one driving mistake away from being charged with vehicular manslaughter whenever they get behind the wheel. Here are four such mistakes too many motorists make every day:

Cell Phone Distraction

Although cell phone use isn’t the only driver distraction, it’s unique in that it demands much of the driver’s attention over a more protracted time than other common distractions such as adjusting the radio. The brain is engaged in a conversation and one hand is off the steering wheel. A split focus delays your notice of a pedestrian on the road, while your ability to take evasive action is compromised by your single-handed driving.


What does tailgating have to do with pedestrians? If you’re tailgating a car while hugging the right side of the road, you won’t see a pedestrian or bicyclist on the roadside until you’re almost on top of the person. This leaves you with little time for swerving. If the road is wet, there’s insufficient traction for making the necessary violent and hard swerve.

Over-Driving Your Headlights

People commonly drive at the same speeds regardless of whether it’s day or night. The danger of this habit is that you’re over-driving your headlights. This means your stopping distance is longer than the reach of your headlights. By the time you see a pedestrian, you won’t be able to stop in time. Swerving is not always possible when oncoming cars occupy the left lane.

Impulsive Maneuvers

Some people quickly act on their emotions. This causes them to make impulsive and sometimes deadly maneuvers. For example, the driver who impatiently pulls around a stopped car or bus may end up striking a pedestrian crossing the road.

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