Can what you wear while driving cause an accident?

Most people don’t get into their vehicle to travel anywhere and expect to get into an accident. Accidents are by definition unexpected occurrences.

There are almost infinite reasons why people will drive a car. People have many places that they need to go. These drives can be within a mile of their home or hundreds of miles. One of many things that are different about these trips could be what the driver is wearing.

Sometimes what a driver wears has no impact on the safe operation of a vehicle while other clothing decisions can be quite dangerous.

What do people wear when driving a car? Well, it depends.

Short trips

A quick drive-thru visit from home to a coffee shop, fast food, or bank ATM doesn’t require anyone to dress up. Some people might take this trip in their pajamas or a bathrobe. These choices might only lead to embarrassment in the event of an accident or worse if slippers come off while driving, causing loss of control.

Long trips

Comfort is important when traveling a long distance. For many long-distance travelers, this is gym clothes or other loose-fitting clothes. Shoes often become optional which can be a problem if having to stop suddenly.


Dressing appropriately for the weather is an important safety measure when driving a car. Clothing worn or not worn could cause a problem even if the clothing is appropriate for the weather. Bulky clothing can interfere with steering, vision, and reaction time. Wearing limited clothing when hot can be hazardous when coming in contact with hot seats or if something is spilled.

Dressed for Destination

Going directly from home to a pool party or beach might lead to wearing only a bathing suit and possibly loosely fitting shoes. A solid pair of shoes prevents slipping and provides stability when braking. Work clothes can vary greatly depending on the job. Dress shoes might be more hazardous than safety boots.

Consider your ability to safely operate your vehicle every time you get in it. There are many things that impact your driving safety, including what you are wearing.  Contact our experienced law firm if you have any kind of vehicle accident. We are here to help you.

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