It’s no secret that motorcyclists have the least protection on the road.


With only a helmet to cover one of the most important body parts they have, it’s really scary to think about what happens when they hit another moving vehicle. The mental stress seems enough to hit your limit, but then life has a way of stretching that limit. It’s a whole other story when you actually get into a traumatic motorcycle accident. 


Oh Gosh, I’ve Been In a Motorcycle Accident! Will I Need a Lawyer?


There’s a few reasons you could need a lawyer.


  • Nobody can decide who is at fault


If it seems like people are just pointing fingers, it’s time to lawyer up. Even if it feels like you could be blamed for something that wasn’t your fault, going to court to settle it is the best option in this case. They will provide fair treatment, facts, and evidence to give you the best chance of winning.


  • An insurance company will not give you the amount of money you deserve for your damages


Picture this.


You’ve haggled with the insurance company and they seem to have the money you need under lock and key. Great. You deserve better. A lawyer can present evidence and negotiate a better payout. You can depend on Hogan Injury if you go to court.


You’ve decided. You definitely need a lawyer.


That’s a great decision towards getting what you need. Not every vehicle accident absolutely needs to go to court, but there are times that it is better if you do go to court and get an experienced lawyer. Hogan Injury will make sure that whatever situation you find yourself in, you get what you deserve. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for any vehicle accident related questions.




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