Facial injuries are one of the most common and emotionally difficult injuries sustained in a car accident.

Those who suffer facial injuries often endure extreme pain and may require extensive surgeries including those of a reconstructive nature.

Types of Facial Injuries

The kind of collision and the speed at which it occurred determine the severity of one’s injuries. Some of the most common injuries include:

Burns – When an airbag deploys at a rate up to 200 miles per hour, chemical or friction burns can occur. Burns can also result from car fires or explosions, and those that are severe often require a skin graft. This procedure may leave the victim with permanent scars.

Broken Bones – There are fourteen bones that make up the facial skeleton. During a car accident, they can break when the victim collides with the door, airbag, dashboard, or steering wheel. Symptoms include hearing problems, nosebleeds, jaw pain, vision issues, clear nasal discharge, and breathing difficulties.

Lacerations – Generally, when people think of lacerations, they think of a minor cut. However, lacerations can be long and deep causing permanent scaring.

Facial Deformities – When facial bones sustain a serious injury, permanent deformities such as sunken cheek bones can result.


Those who suffer a facial injury due to another driver’s negligence, may be able to receive compensation that includes:

  • Payment for pain and suffering as well as emotional distress
  • Payment for medical bills
  • Compensation for lost income

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