Nursing homes provide a place for loved ones who require extensive care to live out and enjoy the rest of their lives. The home should look after their physical, emotional, and mental well-being. This requires an adequate number of skilled, knowledgeable, compassionate, and dedicated staff.

However, not every nursing home has enough of, or the right staff to ensure optimal living and care of its residents. As a result, the resident’s health and quality of life can worsen because of the nursing home. In extreme cases of neglect, abuse, or incompetence, a loved one may prematurely pass away.

Common causes of wrongful death in nursing homes include:


The nursing home staff should always be alert to, and immediately remove tripping hazards. The residents should never be allowed access to areas where the floors were recently cleaned and are still wet. Bathroom floors must be kept clean and dry, and residents requiring aid during bathing should get assistance from trained staff. Residents with mobility problems should get assistance when needed.

Medication Mistakes

A system that prevents medication mistakes combined with experienced staff to administer the medication should be in place to avoid this problem.

Poor Supervision and Observation

Sometimes a resident can get a wound infection that isn’t noticed by the staff, which can worsen to the point where the person’s health is seriously affected. Cellulitis is a common skin infection in the elderly that starts from a cut or wound and can spread into the bloodstream. Urinary tract infections are also common. Nursing home staff should not only be alert to the symptoms of these common conditions, but should observe and respond to changes in behavior that indicate that all is not well.


Nursing home residents who are unable to communicate their needs can become victims of neglect for want of the most basic of things such as hydration. Dehydration weakens the immune system, thickens the blood, and adversely affects the body’s organs. The symptoms of this problem are not difficult to detect and a resident suffering from chronic dehydration is clearly a victim of neglect.

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