In the aftermath of a truck accident, most survivors have substantial medical bills as well as damage to their vehicles and personal possessions. But the losses do not stop there. Did you know that a loss of earnings is a very real claim that you can make even if you used vacation and sick time to receive pay?

Financial Responsibilities after an Accident

Your rent or mortgage, utilities, and other bills do not stop because you had an accident. Far too many victims of vehicle crashes find that they fall behind in their financial obligations. Moreover, they also suffer financial losses at work.

  • Income reduction. If the accident leaves you unable to return to the same position you had before, you may have to accept a pay cut to transfer to a different job.
  • Lost opportunities. Bonus payments, commissions, overtime pay and other remunerations may be lost because of the time it takes you to heal from injuries.
  • Missed increases. If you were on track for a promotion but lost this opportunity because you would not be able to return to work for quite some time, the missed income increase is part of the lost wages.

Proving Lost Wages

Documenting your income and time off from work after the accident is easy to prove when you work for an employer with a payroll department. Even a smaller business should be able to provide you with the documentation needed to demonstrate your scheduled shifts, income, any overtime potential, and the sick and vacation time you used during your hospital stay and recuperation.

Even if you do not work a steady schedule but are self-employed or work only intermittently, you still have wage losses you can claim. Documentation may include tax filings that show how much money you make throughout a 12-month period. Dividing the figure by 12 makes it possible to put together an average loss statement for each month you missed.

If a truck accident left you hurt and unable to work for a while, contact us with your questions regarding lost wages and any other inquiries you might have.

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