Driving barefoot is legal but it is not recommended. People wear a variety of shoe styles while driving and some wear no shoes at all.

The Temptation to Drive Barefoot

Warm weather brings out more drivers tempted to drive without shoes. Some people rarely wear shoes in the summer months, driving or not.

Driving without shoes can be particularly hazardous. There might be a temptation to jump in the car to go just a mile or two with no shoes on. Relaxing around the house or in the yard. You have the car keys in your pocket. Your shoes are at the other end of the house. What’s the harm? You’re not going that far, right?

What Could go Wrong?

Plenty can go wrong driving barefoot. Our feet are sensitive. We don’t like to step on things that hurt. Using the brake pedal can be particularly difficult because of the amount of pressure needed to come to a stop – especially in a hurry. Our feet alone do not provide the same support as our feet in shoes. Barefoot, we can only use the ball of our feet on the pedals. With shoes, we are using our whole foot or shoe. We can easily miss the pedal altogether without shoes on. It’s important to be able to quickly maneuver between the gas, brake, and clutch pedals.

Taking Shoes Off While Driving is Not Any Safer

There is a temptation by some to slip their shoes off while driving. Some of these drivers will slide their shoes partially under the driver’s seat or just pushed out of the way of the pedals. This can be a recipe for disaster. The shoes have the potential to slide back under the pedals. Stopping suddenly could send them flying and get tangled up between the pedals and the driver’s feet.

Driving safely requires attention to many things including what the driver wears. Stay safe. Contact our experienced firm if you are involved in any accident for consultation or representation.

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