Some people think that being involved in a car accident is just a matter of bad luck. But the fact is that you can greatly improve your luck by taking suitable safety precautions while driving. The first thing you should do is make sure that you’re driving a safe car. Not all cars are created equal; some are distinctly safer than others. This article in U.S. News and World Report gives you all the safety ratings that you need to know.

Buying a Safe Car

The top three cars, according to the writers of the above report, are Genesis, the Hyundai luxury brand, Volvo and Tesla. These cars contain various safety features like automatic braking, adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist. They are also wired to figure out how to avoid hitting pedestrians and to monitor your blind spots. As a result, these cars can be a joy to drive in addition to being safer for the people driving them as well as pedestrians.

So if you can afford to get a safer car, why not do so? It’s something that will help you and your family members to be safer. The fact is that, no matter how good a driver you are, you can’t be perfect. So it makes sense to benefit from the technology that people have developed in order to be safe.

Driving Safely

Buying a safe car doesn’t mean that you can throw all safety precautions to the winds. You still have to drive within the speed limit and avoid drinking or using any substances when driving. In addition, it’s best not to drive if you are upset or angry; driving is not the best way to blow off steam. You should also make sure you stop when the light is red and slow down even if it’s yellow. Don’t forget to stop at stop signs and keep a lookout for pedestrians.

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