Burn Pain

Without a doubt, pain is one of the biggest problems burn victims have to deal with. The pain caused by a burn injury varies according to the phase of the injury itself. There are three phases associated with burn injuries:

Emergency Phase – From the instant the burn injury is sustained, pain can be very intense and can last for several days after the injury. In addition to the actual pain caused by the burn itself, burn treatment which usually includes dressing the wound, inserting catheters, intubation and bronchoscopy are very painful to endure.

Acute Phase – The acute phase can last a few days or several months, depending upon how severe the injury is. The patient continues to receive medical treatment during this phase in addition to some procedures which may be necessary to speed up the healing process. During the acute phase, dead tissue is removed either manually, surgically, via hydrotherapy or some combination. Have a burn wound debrided is extremely painful as the procedure involves reaching a layer of healthy blood vessels which lie deep below the top surface of the skin. The patient typically must also continue to endure dressing changes during this phase and will usually begin physical therapy which also involves a great deal of discomfort and pain.

Recovery Phase – The final phase is the recovery phase that starts once the burn is healing well. This phase primarily involves tissue growth which causes pain, itchiness, numbness and tingling. Some severely burned patients experience nerve damage which often results in longer lasting chronic pain.

Because a burn patient must endure numerous painful treatments and medical procedures following the injury, he or she usually experiences a great deal of anxiety. If the patient happens to be a child as many burn victims are, the anxiety is even more intense as many children are fearful of medical treatment and have difficulty dealing with intense pain. When someone is experiencing a great deal of anxiety, the anxiety itself makes the pain felt even worse. This is why many patients in burn centers are treated with anti-anxiety medication.

Burn Pain and Suffering

Burn pain and suffering includes any pain, disability, disfigurement, embarrassment or emotional distress experienced by the victim.

There are many factors that are taken into consideration when determining the amount of compensation a burn victim should receive including:

  • The type, extent and severity of the burns
  • The pain intensity felt by the patient in the past, present and future
  • The burn treatments used and the pain associated with those treatments
  • The fact that the victim will not completely recover due to disfigurement
  • The extent of the permanent disfigurement
  • The extent of the permanent disability
  • The victim’s emotional distress

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