On August 7th at around 2:45pm there was an accident at the intersection of Roselle Avenue and Kodiak Drive in Modesto. A lawsuit that has been filed after the accident indicates that an undercover police officer Doug Ridenour was going extremely fast at 72MPH while driving an unmarked police car and struck a Nissan Sentra that was turning left. Officer Ridenour works for the Modesto Police Department.

Witnesses in the area report that the officer’s car was driving too fast and had no sirens. They say that the officer was driving to the scene of an in-progress burglary.

Neither party was cited for the accident, however, both parties complained of pain and suffering after the accident.

The question now becomes, even though Ridenour would have the right away on Roselle avenue, did his excessive speed without police lights create a situation where a person turning left could not see him coming? I think she has a case. The speed limit on that road is far lower than the officer was going and he gave no indication of what he was doing. In other cases, police often cite speeding as an associated cause of these types of accidents.

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