While most people do know that car crashes occur frequently, many people still seem to feel as if car crashes will never be a problem for them personally. The statistics demonstrate that this is just not the case.

According to some research, it’s very likely that people who receive their licenses when they’re 16 will get into a car crash by the age of 34, and many people will get into a car crash far earlier than that. On average, drivers will experience a full three or four car accidents throughout their lives.

The fact these car accidents commonly occur at the age of 34 or younger should not surprise the people who are strongly familiar with overarching car accident trends. In fact, more than 50 percent of the deaths involving road traffic happen to young people who are between the ages of 15 and 44. People who have made it to the age of 45 without any sort of car accident will be less likely to experience one later.

Obviously, many car crashes will not be especially serious. Some of these accidents might only cause minor damage to the vehicles involved in the crash. While having to pay for those repairs can be frustrating, many people will consider themselves lucky if that’s the worst thing that they had to experience after a car crash. Given the statistics on car accidents and their consequences, these drivers are right to feel that way.

In the United States, around 37,000 individuals will lose their lives as a result of car crashes annually. It’s also worthwhile to note that another 2.35 million people will sustain injuries or become disabled as a result of car crashes. In order to truly get a sense of the risks associated with car accidents, people should examine many of the statistics involved.

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