Nobody ever expects a boat accident to happen to them. Yet such an accident can lead to adverse outcomes as minor as cuts and bruises or as major as permanent impairment or death. If you or a loved one have recently experienced a boating accident, you may wish to seek legal action. If this sounds like you, here are some important things to consider, along with some ways that a boating accident lawyer can help.

File A Report

You may have done so already, but make sure you have filed a report of the accident with your local boating authorities. Federal law requires such a report and is due within either 48 hours or 10 days of the accident, depending on whether injuries or property damage have occurred. Here is a helpful page from the boating safety division of the US Coast Guard with additional information on this requirement and resources regarding reporting.

Review How it Happened

There are plenty of potential causes for a boating accident, from a slippery deck to an intoxicated driver. Though it may be emotionally difficult to think about the accident, you or your loved one may need to remember and recount how the accident occurred so that your boating accident lawyer can know how to proceed with the legal case.

Gather Evidence

If you have access to pictures of the accident site or injuries, or any reports made by local maritime authorities about the incident, bring them to your lawyer. These pieces of evidence could be vital to proving your case and getting you the compensation you need.

Learn About Maritime Law

Depending on where and how the accident happened, your boating accident case may fall in the realm of maritime law and may be treated as such in court. Here is a helpful page on maritime law with a focus on boating accidents. Legal stipulations can often seem complicated, but the right attorney will be there to support you throughout the basics of your boating accident case and beyond.

Review Financial Matters

If you have boat insurance or accident insurance, you may be entitled to additional compensation from your insurance company based on your accident. If you have not yet heard from them, reach out to them. If you need more money than your insurance company is giving you, the right boating accident attorney will take all the steps necessary to help you get that compensation. 

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