Fall is here, which means shorter days, cooler temperatures, a lower position of the sun in the sky, falling foliage, and children going back to school. All of these changes affect motorists, who must adapt and compensate in order to avoid a car accident. Here are four tips for safer fall driving:

Watch for Leaves on the Pavement

Optimum braking requires good tire contact with dry pavement. However, some roads will have a large buildup of leaves, which reduce your braking power. While dry leaves are more than enough to compromise your braking, wet leaves can be as slippery as grease. Because the top of leaves dry faster than their bottom, you can’t distinguish wet from dry leaves by looking at them.

Watch for School Children

Observe school zone speed limits. Drive with care even when classes aren’t in session because children may still be in the area. Be prepared to stop when following a school bus. Never pass one when its lights are flashing or its stop sign is extended. In addition, don’t attempt to pass them shortly after they start moving. The roadside will be full of children and their parents.

Beware of Sun Glare

The lower position of the sun in the sky and shorter days mean greater sun glare as you drive to and from work. Carry a separate pair of polarized sunglasses in your glove compartment so that you won’t ever get caught without them. Sitting up straight in your seat will also make your car’s sun visor more effective. The brake lights of the car in front are difficult to see in the glare. Compensate for this by increasing your following distance.

Check Your Tire Pressure

The cooler temperatures of fall will cause your tire pressure to drop. This can be dangerous if your tire pressure was marginal to start with. Under inflation is the primary cause of tire damage and blowouts. Add air if needed.

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