I got hit by a car and my neck was hurt, and my bike was broken. Should I be getting more than $500? It was not my fault and I had the right of way because the light was green.


Damages for personal injury cases vary depending on the case. There is no set amount of money, whether minimum or maximum, that applies to every case as each case is different. However, there are some basis to the awarding of damages, such as the more measurable economic damages like damage to or loss of property, medical bills, other expenses resulting from the injury, etc. Non-economic damages such as for “pain and suffering” may also be awarded in some cases. It would be best to preserve evidences of the accident such as pictures, the bike itself, or receipts if you spent anything on medical treatment after the accident. Consult with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible, especially while your memory of the accident is still very clear. Your lawyer could give you a better idea what kind of damages you could claim after he/she finds out all the facts of your case.

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