Courts in limited civil cases may grant temporary restraining orders and preliminary (but not permanent) injunctions. [CCP § 86(a)(8)]. A party, his or her attorney, a witness, and/or any insurer “or any other individual or entity whose consent is necessary to the disposition of the case,” may be assessed reasonable monetary sanctions—including attorney fees and costs—payable to an aggrieved party, the court, or both, pursuant to CRC 2.30 for failure to comply with the applicable Rules of Court governing general civil cases, absent a showing of “good cause.”

Furthermore, an insurer must act fairly and in good faith in handling the claims of an insured, as the same duty is implicit in every insurance policy. A breach in such duty may result to the insurer’s liability, and in appropriate cases, there would be an addition for the insured’s economic losses and emotional distress. [Gruenberg v. Aetna Ins. Co. (1973) 9 C3d 566, 573, 108 CR 480, 484–485; Kransco v. American Empire Surplus Lines Ins. Co. (2000) 23 C4th 390, 400, 97 CR2d 151, 159]

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