I am being accused of not returning a book at the college library. I borrowed the book for only 30 minutes so I could read it before the exam. I left the library at around 10:45. I specifically asked the person at the return desk if I can leave and she said I could. The I got a notice from the library on Friday morning that basically I am being accused of stealing the said book and that I need to return it or pay for it. The book costs $300-400, I don’t know how to approach this situation as I am very new to this country. Do I need to hire a lawyer? Do I go talk to them Monday morning? Is there a possibility that a lawyer could request the security camera footage to show that I returned the book on the same morning that I borrowed it? It’s the only way I can prove that I didn’t steal it. This incident has caused me a great deal of stress and anxiety.


Liability issues are often resolved in favor of the party who succeeds in finding experts who are more credible than those used by the adversary. Locating the potential experts for particular types of cases, and determining which of the potential experts to hire, is therefore of prime importance[2:442]. Often, particular expertise is available at a college or university. Indeed, many educational institutions are associated with expert consulting and referral firms, such as the Association of Scientific Advisors, that will suggest an appropriate expert based on the issue in question[2:449]. Experts procured through universities are usually very knowledgeable in their fields. Moreover, since they make most of their living as academicians, rather than as “professional consultants,” their credibility is usually beyond suspect. At the same time, they generally lack experience in giving expert testimony, and thus need more extensive preparation for deposition and trial[2:450]. I suggest that you personally seek assistance from a lawyer for you to be guided accordingly as to the options and remedies on this particular issue.

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