Dump trucks come in several shapes and sizes. Most people picture a standard dump truck when one is mentioned. They usually have one or two sets of dual tires in the rear, an open style dump body and a capacity up to about 20 tons. There are many other types of dump trucks. Some have three or four sets of dual axles, a covered dump body, or a removable, roll-off container. Some even dump from a trailer or from the side.

There are also several jobs that a dump truck is used for. A few are mentioned here.

Trash Hauling

Dumpster trucks carry miscellaneous debris from homes and businesses. Some of these trucks empty dumpsters into the back of the truck and dump the contents at a transfer site or landfill. Others carry roll-off dumpsters which function as a dump truck when the dumpster is loaded onto the truck chassis. The contents of these trucks can vary widely.

Road Construction and Paving Operations

New road construction and those roads being repaved use dump trucks to haul all the materials involved. Dump trucks will haul away materials dug up prior to construction. They will then bring in loads of sand and gravel and then the asphalt surface. There are different types of specialty dump trucks for these loads.


Dump trucks are used by many landscaping firms. There are needed for many beautification and property maintenance projects. These vehicles haul everything from decorative and crushed stone and gravel to rich garden soil, and yard waste.

Winter Operations

During winter months, areas where freezing of roadway surfaces is possible, treatment of the roadway is necessary. Most of the applications of salt and sand mixtures are done by dump trucks.

These vehicles are carrying different types of loads and under different conditions. Most of these vehicles travel the same roads as passenger cars. Their presence can bring additional hazards for other vehicles on the road based on weight and weight distribution, hazardous cargo, and potential of loads being blown from the vehicle onto the road. Sharing the road with dump trucks requires extra attention.

Drive with caution around dump trucks. Contact our experienced law firm if you need assistance. We are here to help.

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