If you’ve never been in a truck accident before, you may be unprepared for the aftermath. If you’re injured, you might take several months to recover from the accident. This is especially true if you have broken a bone or more than one bone.

Follow the instructions of your doctor. Stay at home for as long as you’re supposed to. Use a walker to get around (if the bone is in your leg). And go for physical therapy as and when advised by your doctor.

Broken Bones vs. Ligament Tears

The good news is that when a bone heals, it heals completely (as opposed to other types of injuries like ligament tears which can linger on for a long time). All you need to do is take care of your health. This means avoiding moving around too much, especially if you are in a cast, and not taking unnecessary risks.

Stay at Home While You Recover

You may find yourself chafing because you are confined to the home. However, it is best to be confined for a short period of time rather than risking your health. Your doctor will be able to advise you more about this issue, but when you move too much with your cast on, it’s possible for the bone to become misaligned.

Avoid Smoking

Another thing that you need to avoid doing is smoking because this is one of the worst things for broken bones and can delay your recovering.

Go for Physical Therapy

Physical therapy may hurt a lot in the beginning but it is what’s best for your broken limb in the long run. Since you have not been using muscle of your broken arm or leg for a few months, the muscle tone will have deteriorated. You need to build it up again. This is done by going for physical therapy.

Work with an Insurance Lawyer

While you’re recovering from your truck accident, you can hire a lawyer to help you file your claim with the medical insurance company. This is helpful because the lawyer will know the ins and outs of insurance law and will be able to get you your refund as soon as possible.

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