When a vehicle runs into the rear-end of another vehicle someone is bound to get hurt. Oftentimes the level of injury is reflective of several factors, such as speed and whether the front vehicle was stationary or not.

All parties involved in an accident that causes injury or death are required to follow-up with various reporting procedures according to the laws of your state. In California, for example, if there is injury or death, an accident report must be filed with the Highway Patrol within 24 hours. If the Highway Patrol files a report, that covers the requirement.  The DMV will need a report within 10 days after the accident occurred.

Sometimes those involved in rear-end accidents don’t experience any symptoms of an injury for days after the accident. If you get rear-ended and find yourself telling the reporting police officer that you feel fine, go see a doctor. Chances are that you’re not fine and have probably suffered one or more of the following more common injuries of a rear-end crash.


Whiplash is caused by a sudden and swift movement that throws the head and neck forward and backward in an effort to catch up to the sudden momentum caused by the collision of one vehicle into the rear of another. The car has stopped but the body is still in motion at the same speed the car was traveling. Whiplash symptoms may not show up for a few days. Your neck will be extremely sore and you may find difficulty turning your head from one side to the other. Your attorney will advise you to see a doctor immediately.

Broken Bones

If the crash is severe enough, bones will break. Broken ribs, a twisted spine, cracked pelvis, collarbone, or femur all have a chance to get busted up when one car crashes into the rear of the one in front of it.  

Wrist Injuries

Wrist injuries are usually considered sprains and happen when the ligaments that hold the wrist together are damaged.  A wrist injury is not as serious as other injuries that can occur in a rear-ender, but depending on the severity of the injury, could keep someone out of work for a while.

Knee Injuries

At the time of impact, knees are thrust hard into the dashboard. Ligaments and cartilage could be stretched or torn causing severe pain in the aftermath.


Short of death, the most serious injuries that can occur as the result of a rear-end collision, a concussion and whiplash are without a doubt two of the most serious of all. The symptoms of a concussion may not show up for days. If you’re the driver in a car that suffered a rear-end collision, you could easily have your head snapped forward so quickly into the steering wheel that later you will wonder how you got this ugly purple bruise across your face. And if you haven’t gone and had yourself examined for the possibility of suffering a concussion you will not even be aware that you have a concussion. But you will begin to wonder why you’re starting to get headaches like you’ve never had before. If you’re feeling dazed and confused, drowsy, overly sensitive to noise and light, go to Urgent Care immediately and have yourself examined for a concussion.

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